CLU, CFBS & CEO of Privatised Banking
Shawn Byerly encourages his clients to think differently and question everything. Financial freedom is a combination of financial education and mindset. Strategies that support our financial principles include: maximizing efficiency with cash flow, the importance of liquidity, minimizing wealth transfers with mortgages, reducing taxes, and creating intergenerational wealth. The common theme in all these strategies is simple: control.

He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in International Business with minors in Political Science and Spanish. The true education he received was reading hundreds of books on Investing, Wall Street, Finance, the Banking Industry, the Insurance Industry, and Real Estate. He obtained the designation of CLU and CFBS from the American College of Financial Services. He is an authorized Practitioner of the Nelson Nash Institute, whose mission is to educate and inspire individuals and business owners to take control of their financial lives by reclaiming the banking function from outsiders.

He is in the beginning phases of launching a non-profit foundation whose mission is to teach children to think like a successful entrepreneur. How to build a business asset instead of thinking like an employee. By changing your mindset, you can rise above poverty and make a difference in your community.

His free time is spent on the golf course, exploring foreign countries and learning about the culture, or relaxing on the beach with a good book. He is a member of the congregation of Vous Church. He lives in Miami, Fl.
Wealth Strategist
Tamara Oswald is an experienced and knowledgeable financial consultant with over 15 years of experience working with high net worth families, investors and business owners.

Throughout the last few years of her career, she started questioning the financial assumptions we’ve all been taught having seen the results in the real world of what worked and what didn’t. Instead of chasing returns and giving up control, she shows clients how to build sustainable wealth by controlling and benefiting from their assets.

With a degree and background in Business Management and Economics as well as her experience in the banking world, she quickly saw the opportunity to teach investors, business owners, professionals and families about different ways of building wealth when she was introduced to Privatised Banking.

Our clients look for alternatives to common financial advice. At Privatised Banking, we advise clients through a different financial mindset. We invest heavily in personal development, financial knowledge and processes to increase our clients’ knowledge base so they can make well-informed decisions. We are passionate educators that will always listen to your concerns and share all information about potential solutions. Most importantly we support all our ideas with examples, facts, and the financial calculators to prove the financial principles we believe.

She is continually seeking knowledge that will benefit her clients and is a firm believer that the investment in yourself is the best one you can make. She thrives on meaningful work, gratitude, knowledge, trust and deep appreciation and love of animals.
Wealth Strategist
It’s rare for people to challenge the way you think about money, more so when it’s about something that has been taught to you your whole life. I challenge you to be open minded.

My name is Camilo Castro, and I’m a financial strategist at Privatised Banking LLC, a financial education company that believes in thinking differently by challenging the status quo as to how families and business owners are educated about growing wealth, personal finances, and banking.

I’ve been in the financial services industry since 2016. I have a 15-year background in marketing with a focus on experiential marketing and five years’ experience as a software consultant which helped to develop and perfect my people skills while building long-lasting relationships.
Our Objective
We advocate for the financial truth, therefore we base our advice on financial principles, NOT financial products.

Our firm provides guidance to real estate investors on an alternative thought process that maximizes their rate of return on their investments—not by taking more risk, but by thinking creatively.
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